Welcome to the Online Media division of the Sansevieria Media Group

Last updated: January 24, 2017

Welcome to the SANSEVIERIA.NET online media home. In addition to making films and videos and publishing books, we also currently write articles about the following topics:

Children's Rights - Blake is a big supporter of children's rights and isn't afraid to give his views on them. Cryptocurrency - such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc., and cryptocurrency mining and cloud mining. We will be adding topics in the near future, but for now would like to focus on our specialties.

Current topics slated for inclusion on SANSEVIERIA.NET include:

  • Filmmaking and videography
  • Employment-related articles
  • Plant-based lifestyle
  • We are also considering adding a fan fiction section to our online media in the near future,

Additional topics may come up in the near future as well. Our writers have a great many ideas about a great many topics, so you may find articles here ranging from activism for children's rights to how to make a feature "film" with a consumer grade video camera, or detail into why some people try to claim digital motion pictures are not "films." (Or why we sometimes put the word film in quotation marks when referring to motion pictures made digitally instead of on celluloid.)

It could be said that most people like to hear themselves talk, or see their own words in print or on a computer screen. We're not really all that different from the rest of you. So sit back, maybe have a cup of tea or a glass of wine (if you're not an alcoholic, of course), and enjoy some light reading...