Current and future projects

We currently have two books in print, as well as many other print media projects in many stages of development.

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    Nobody's Property series

    Family is not necessarily about blood, but those who have your back when you need it. The Nobody's Property series follows two sisters from different mothers and their biological and "honorary" family members through the various trials and tribulations that give them a challenge to overcome and rise above.

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    TWISTED STORIES - Gamebooks for mature audiences

    Remember those gamebooks like Choose Your Own Adventure, Which Way Books, Twistaplot, etc.? you read when you were growing up, or that your kids, nephews and nieces, or even grandkids read today? Twisted Stories are very similar, but written for mature audiences, complete with mature language and situations.

    DISCLAIMER - We are not affiliated in any way with the publishers of Choose Your Own Adventure, Which Way Books, or Twistaplot. (They don't swear or reference things like drug use or chainsaw homicide in their books.)

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    Future, currently untitled science fiction series

    We are actually working on a science fiction series based on an alternate perception of human origin from a distant part of the universe.

    Check back later for more information about this series.