TWISTED STORIES - gamebooks for mature audiences

Current and future projects

Remember those gamebooks like Choose Your Own Adventure, Which Way Books, Twistaplot, etc.? you read when you were growing up, or that your kids, nephews and nieces, or even grandkids read today? Twisted Stories are very similar, but written for mature audiences, complete with mature language and situations.

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    #1 - The Adventures of Chainsaw Sam - NOW AVAILABLE

    The year is 2013. You are "Chainsaw" Sam McGrath, a small-town power tool shop owner in rural western Texas by day. By night you are a chainsaw killer who specializes in hunting and murdering pedophiles, in a county where a corrupt sheriff's explanation for the bizarre murders of registered sex offenders are blamed on coyotes mauling them to death...

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    #2 - You Have A Cyberstalker! - COMING SOON

    Based very loosely on a personal experience Blake had with a cyberstalker a few years ago, you assume the role of a slightly non-traditional age college student attending a traditional college, who is being threatened and harassed by a cyberstalker. Whatever you do, beware the dragon underneath the bridge if you encounter one!

    Doki is watching you.

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    #3 - Green Rush! - COMING SOON

    Not to be confused with the Gold Rush around 1849 and 1850 in California...

    Let's just say for now that it takes place circa 2015 and you assume the role of a "farmer" in Colorado, and leave it at that.